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Women's Sneakers

Sneakers are currently a symbol of high fashion that is represented on catwalks around the world by the greatest stylists such as Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. Mainly created as sports footwear, but adopted immediately afterwards by any type of person and of any age, combined with any type of clothing, from casual to the most serious and staid office suit.

The words that define this type of footwear are simplicity and comfort, an innovative and bold design that attracts not only younger women but also more mature ones. In fact, they are worn on any occasion and with any type of clothing, furthermore the most well-known influencers of the moment and many celebrities, such as stylists, models, actresses, put aside the beautiful high-heeled shoes to prefer the comfort and design of women's sneakers .

They adapt easily to any type of outfit, highlighting the personal style of each of us, ideal for those looking for a sporty but at the same time elegant and fashionable look, they meet the tastes of all those who want to appear in style, and give the charm of a metropolitan design and singular mixed with technical and refined details, such as the fabrics used together with top quality materials that guarantee maximum comfort for the wearer.

In addition to being a symbol of current fashion and representing the majority of high fashion catwalks, in 2015 we wanted to celebrate "THE HISTORY OF SNEAKERS" with an exhibition held at the Brookyn Museum in New York, where 150 pairs were exhibited of shoes from 1860 until today, all this to demonstrate the evolution of this shoe.....So a piece of history will be represented by our feet!

If you also have a sporty soul... don't wait to find your ideal sneaker..

Probably in each of us there is a hidden sporting soul that sometimes prevails over the choice of shoes to wear, if you also feel this need, visit our online shop and you will be able to choose your favorite sneakers from a large variety of brands, such as the famous and fashionable Nira Rubens sneakers.......

Nira Rubens sneakers.....when art meets leather goods

The Nira Rubens Laboratory is a combination of Italian art and creativity, where unique and unrepeatable sneaker models come to life, all rigorously hand-painted by true artisan painters, who decorate the shoes with different painting techniques, paying particular attention to the colors and materials used. All these creations with a vintage effect give emotions and originality to your style, which will become truly unique!